It's official, party photo booths are popping up everywhere in Hawaii. From wedding receptions to birthdays and company events, they’re the perfect party favor.

So why not at your church?  Here are the top reasons why to have HNL Photobooth Company at your church events or conference.



Equip and Inspire Conference Youth Remix

1. It’s The Newest and Easiest Way To Add Genuine Excitement To An Event

Our church today thrives on authentic relationships and experiences. If you have ever been at one of our photo booth events, you will know the smiles, hugs, laughter, and love are real experiences that build friendships and bonds with those who attend.
Let HNL Photobooth Company handle the technical and logistics of running a successful photo booth at your next event.




2. All church attendees can take home a custom printout.

Unlike bitcoin or the stock market, the photo printout are one of the only things that are guaranteed to gain more and more value over time. For all our events, we print unlimited duplicate prints with the custom designs either created by your church graphic artists or by one of our talented HNL team members. Rest assured everyone will be able to take home amazing prints to remember the special time they had at the church event.


3. The Potential For Social Media Outreach Is Truly Limitless

With Photos, GIF's and Boomerangs easily shareable direct from our booth with your church logo or event graphic, you can easily get your church' social media foot print stomping! We specialize in helping business marketing teams on Oahu and willing offer our techniques and strategies to the body of Christ. On a larger church event we easily get anywhere of 10,000 - 50,000 organic social media impressions. What is even more amazing is that the impressions are not with just random people, but people who have some kind of connection with someone at the church.