From 10 years to eternity these two sealed the deal!  This was something different from your normal wedding in an outdoor or hotel venue.  This couple chose to host their wedding reception at the Hawaii Okinawa Center.  

They had a beautiful forrest rustic theme overlaying with the color blue spread through out the venue.  What made this wedding so different was topped off by the special performance by the volunteer taiko drummers provided by the Hawaii Okinawa Center.  What a treat! 

Thank you Kelsey + Amanda for choosing HNL Photo Booth Company as your wedding booth to capture this milestone in both of your lives.  Even though we got a little lost along the way it was such an honor to meet you two and congratulations once again!  


EVENT: Wedding Photo Booth

BACKDROP: HNL Luxe Sequins in Champagne

BOOTH PROFESSIONALS: Arielle and Whitney

LOCATION:  Hawaii Okinawa Center - Waipio Gentry