#Hawaiihaunts ft. #Yelpsmonstermash

This event we were able to do something a little different.  For this special event we would first and foremost like to thank Emi, the Yelp lead coordinator of the night, for choosing HNLPHOTOBOOTH CO. to be a part of this theatrical event.  

We were blessed with the opportunity to partner with Yelp and also Hawaii Haunts!  Thank you for giving us a great open place to set up to capture this great night.  Not only was the set up great, but also the rest of the vendors who were chosen served up some great treats for the island to taste... for Free!  

Oh, let's not forget about the #hawaiihaunts haunted forrest.  I'll admit the team and I were pretty surprised at the jump scares.  It was to our surprise at how vast this haunted forrest was, definitely something new to try out this Halloween.  As for the the Yelp Monster Mash we decided to bring out the big guns and set up two booths!  

This was the perfect amount of touch to this crazy event serving about 1000+, monsters, unicorns, wizards, pokemon, you name it!  I would want to say more, but maybe I should let the photos speak for themselves because I can't even begin to describe it in words.  Enjoy! 


EVENT: Yelp - Monster Mash

BACKDROP: HNL Luxe Sequins in Steel & HNL Luxe Sequins in Silver

BOOTH PROFESSIONALS:  Mark, Whitney, Javon, and Charles

LOCATION:  Hawaii Haunts - Kapolei 

EVENT COORDINATOR:  Emi (Yelp Lead) & David Lopaka Millwood (Hawaii Haunts)