Chelsea and Micah inspired many at their wedding. They shared that their relationship didn't stem from love at first sight, but grew and matured in love from their high school years. The story of this couples unwavering love touched the hearts of all those who attended the reception, and their candid love was the reason many gathered at their gorgeous venue the Halekulani Hotel

Their wedding reception was a very formal upscale event. The guests dressed in beautiful gowns, dresses, black ties, and suits. The bride and groom provided a gorgeous backdrop for our photo booth, perfectly hand-crafted with real pink and white roses. They had a classy and elegant ambiance  as the reception was generously decorated with fairy-tale like floral arrangements, luxurious table settings, and centerpieces characterized by unique and exotic flowers very fitting to the theme of the reception. The guests were a blast to work with! They were so fun and energetic and brought positive vibes to our booth. Everyone had a great time.

Brina and Lisa Lee along with the rest of their team at Summer House Events did an exceptional job planning this wedding. Everything ran smoothly and they were extremely accommodating to the needs of the couple and all the guests attending. 

Congratulations Chelsea + Micah and God bless your marriage! We are so grateful to have shared this memorable event with you. 


EVENT: Wedding Photo Booth

BACKDROP: Client Provided


LOCATION:  Halekulani Hotel - Halekulani Ballroom

WEDDING PLANNER: Brina + Lisa Lee at Summer House Events