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Marina + Riki Wedding Photobooth

Marina + Riki Wedding Photobooth

A laugh, a smile, and joyful faces. When love joins two and is celebrated by many you can do nothing but be left in awe. Marina and Riki were an adorable couple. They had such a fun, friendly, and warm vibe about them. We could see their grace and genuineness as they interacted with their wedding guests, friends, and family. Because of their warmth our team felt truly welcomed at their event, and it was such a joy.

Their wedding was held in the ballroom of the Halekulani Hotel and the food and open bar were serviced by the Halekulani Team. They did such an amazing job accommodating all who attended the reception. Mona and Heidi as well as their team at Neu Events also did a splendid job making sure everything ran smoothly, all while keeping in mind the needs and desires of the bride and groom. From our encounter, we could see that the couple really had a good time at their own wedding.

The venue was a delight. Accented with beautiful pastel like floral decor and elegant lighting, some of which were provided from the couples own light company. As you took a step out into the balcony before the entrance of the ballroom, you could hear the water calmly splashing from the beautiful water fountain located in the lobby downstairs. This served as good background sound for the couple and their guests as they took photos at our booth that was located right by the entrance of their reception.

Congratulations Marina and Riki, thank you for choosing HNL Photo Booth Company as your wedding booth! We appreciate being a part of this very special and memorable event in your lives. 


EVENT: Wedding Photo Booth

BACKDROP: HNL Luxe Sequins in Steel


LOCATION:  Halekulani Hotel - Halekulani Ballroom

WEDDING PLANNER: Mona + Heidi at Neu Events