Recently our good friend Alex messaged us about an event she was planning and the conversation went like this:

Alex: Hi Nikki and Charles! is that your photo booth company the hnl one??  
Nikki and Charles: Yep! That's ours. Crazy right??! 
Alex: Yah! I saw the HNL website and recognized Ayana and Erin in the photos and thought it had to be you guys! Can we hire you to do photography for our party?"
Nikki and Charles: Sure thing!

We love being thought-of when it comes to anything photography related among our friends/family. We especially love being asked to capture their rare moments in life. It’s these kinds of opportunities that bring us joy and and gives us a chance to showcase what we do for living to our friends and family. 
Even though the birthday party was very small and private, we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, We love doing photo booth and these simple times in our lives are what makes it worth living. - Nikki & Charles

HNL Photobooth Company
Event: Birthday Photo booth
Venue: Private Residence, Oahu Hawaii
Backdrop: Rustic Themed Birthday
Booth Professionals: Ayana and Charles