Hi! My name is Ayana. I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In my free time, I'm usually at downtown Honolulu or Kaka'ako, appreciating the creative atmosphere and just hanging out with friends.

I used to live in Osaka, Japan and my experiences there made me learn Japanese very quickly. Living there for a while and exploring the place was a truly memorable and crazy experience for me.

I work as Events Manager for HNL Photobooth Company. The best part about working with HNL Photobooth Company is being able to meet new people at events. I love being part of people's celebrations and witnessing their joy.


Hi! I'm Keshia and I was born and raised in the Philippines.

One thing a lot of people don't know about me is I am a big fan of Hindi (or Bollywood) cinema. I also haven't used a ballpoint pen for more than 4 years (I exclusively use fountain pens now).

A few memorable experiences I've had would be visiting Bali and playing futsal on the beach with locals, and then going to East Timor to climb the summit of the Cristo Rei under the scorching heat.

What I like about working for HNL Photobooth Company is being able to see how happy people are with the photobooth experience. It's always a win to see happy guests.


I'm Arielle and I was born in Tacoma, Washington. I moved to Honolulu in 2009. I love hanging out at Yoks or Makaapu beach and consider myself a fitness enthusiast. I also play a bunch of instruments, one of which is the saxophone.

If I had to share a crazy experience, it would be the time when I wasn't paying attention to my plate while I was eating and my uncle slipped a frog leg on it. I just kind of took a full crunch into it.

What I love most about working at HNL Photobooth Company is being able to socialize with the guests. I love learning more about them and hearing their stories


My name is Chloe and I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. One of my favorite places in Oahu is the Surfers Coffee Bar in Wahiawa. It's a great place for me to spend time alone or with friends.

A very memorable experience for me was visiting Australia and getting to play with wallabies and getting face to face with koala bears. I also got to experience driving in New Zealand where everything is on the opposite side, a lot of screaming and laughing was involved until we got the hang of it!

I love being able to meet people who I normally wouldn't have a chance to meet outside of events I work at HNL Photobooth Company. It's also a great feeling to know that I was part of someone's special day, whether it's a wedding or another milestone.


I was born in San Diego, California before moving to Hawaii. I love traveling and going to music shows. My go-to spot in Hawaii is Nanakuli beach.

I also enjoy cooking and baking. It's always fun to research and try out new recipes and foods.

Craziest experience? Skydiving in north shore. It was a very exhilarating experience, though we were very anxious prior to the jump. The free fall was amazing.

Seeing how much fun guests are having at events and knowing I had a hand in that gives me such fulfillment. Seeing their excitement while taking their photos at the booth makes me genuinely happy.


I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - all the way on the east coast. In Hawaii, I love hanging out at the Byodo-In Temple within The Valley of Temples in Kaneohe. It's the perfect spot to tear into a good book. Not to mention the place is beautiful

One thing people don't know about me is that I am super scared of heights. I've challenged myself to hike at least one super high lookout to conquer my fears. It doesn't work. I've become really good at hiking, though.

My favorite part of working at HNL Photobooth Company is interacting with guests and my fellow booth managers!


I was born and raised in Honolulu. I'm also an avid shoe collector - I own over 100 pairs of shoes. I love hanging out at the beach since the weather is always beautiful.

Seeing guests smile, laugh and enjoy the overall experience at the photobooth is pretty much my favorite sight when doing events with HNL Photobooth Company.